Lot #95

HT Allied 1217

Registration #: 20151796 | Birth Date: 04/10/21

HT Cow Man 1099 is a powerful son of HA Cow Man 7939. His CED, BW, Milk, $M and $W are in the top 20% of the breed. His actual PAP is 38.

Schiefelbein Allied 514

Hilltop Allied 6262

Hilltop Shoshone 273

HT Allied 9244

HT Sinclair Mountain Pass

HT Blackcap 7010

HT 241X Balckcap 4056C

Barstow Cash

BSF Hot Lotto 1401

BSF Princess EL Cap W2

SRS Rose 9235G

B P F Special Focus 504

SRS Rose 3234a

S R S Rose 1233Y