Lot #90

HT Allied 1094

Registration #: 20151786 | Birth Date: 03/19/21

HT Allied 1094 is a strong heifer bull. A grandson of Hilltop Allied 6262 and a daughter of Spring Cove Reno 4021, he ranks in the top 1% of the breed for CED and CEM and top 4% fo BW and Milk. He has good maternal “sleep all night” heifer with and good feet EPDs.

Schiefelbein Allied 514

Hilltop Allied 6262

Hilltop Shoshone 273

HT Allied 9064

HT Sinclair Mountain Pass

HT Barb 7013

Mekel Consensus Barb 4068C

KM Broken Bow 002

Spring Cove Reno 4021

Spring Cove Liza 021

HT Lass 9082

HA Program 5652

HA Lass 0874

HA Lass 4206

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