Lot #87

HT Profound 1284

Registration #: 20130623 | Birth Date: 04/21/21

HT Profound 1284 is a son of Sitz Profound 680G. He has a deep-ribbed, thick and muscled phenotype. His BW, SC, Claw, $EN rank in the top 15% of the breed. His Milk in the top 3% and he has an impressive PAP EPD of -2.51. He is docile, and has an actual PAP of 37.

Mohnen Substantial 272

Sitz Stellar 726D

SITZ Pride 200B

SITZ Profound 680G

Sitz Upward 9873

Sitz Epponia 223C

Sitz Epponia 31Z

KG Solution 0018

KG Solution13

KG Eileen 1462

HT Blackbird 7068

Sitz Upward 307R

Sitz Blackbird 1260

Sitz Blackbird 1004

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Clay Clarke

Pony, Montana 59747

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