Lot #73

HT Profound 1159

Registration #: +20067451 | Birth Date: 04/01/21

Lot 73, HT Profound 1159, is CAB qualified bull. His CED, BW, Claw, and CEM are all ranked in the top 20% of the breed.

Mohnen Substantial 272

Sitz Stellar 726D

SITZ Pride 200B

SITZ Profound 680G

Sitz Upward 9873

Sitz Epponia 223C

Sitz Epponia 31Z

HA Future Direction 3540

HA Program 5652

HA Blackcap Lady 2782

HA Blackcap Lady 0855

Papa Forte 1921

H A Blackcap Lady 1055

H A Rito Blackcap 9038

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