Lot #69

HT Accomplishment 1091

Registration #: 20063016 | Birth Date: 03/19/21

Son of Sitz Accomplishment 720F and a daughter of HT Prime Cut 4493. He ranks in the top 20% of the breed for YW, PAP, and CEM.

Poss Lasting Impact 3118

Poss Achievement

Poss Erica 327

Sitz Accomplishment 720F

S A V Resource 1441

Sitz Barbaramere Nell 166D

Sitz Barbaramere Nell 14Y

Vermilion Sirloin

HA Prime Cut 4493

HA Miss Blackcap 9127

HA Blackcap Lady 8228

E&b 4137 Dominett 814

HA Blackcap Lady 1874

H A Blackcap Lady 1015

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