Lot #51

HT Stellar 1260

Registration #: +20069467 | Birth Date: 04/15/21

Flush brother of Lots 5, 6, and 48, HT Stellar 1260 has a powerful thick shouldered, deep ribbed powerful phenotype. His BW, and SC rank in the top 20% of the breed. He is docile, and has good feet and actual PAP of 41.

Benfield Substance 8506

Mohnen Substantial 272

Mohnen Glyn Mawr Elba 1758

Sitz Stellar 726D

Connealy Final Product

SITZ Pride 200B

Sitz Pride 308Y

G A R Grid Maker

S A V Bismarck 5682

S A V Abigale 0451

HA Ever Lady 1575

H A Power Alliance 1025

HA Ever Lady 8066

HA Ever Lady 5787

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