Lot #4

HT Profound 1150

Registration #: 20067450 | Birth Date: 3/29/21

A CAB qualified son of Sitz Profound 680G by a daughter of Spring Cove Reno 4021. He has a very thick, powerful shoulder coupled with a deep set of ribs and a thick butt. He is docile, has good feet and his actual PAP is a 37.

Mohnen Substantial 272

Sitz Stellar 726D

SITZ Pride 200B

SITZ Profound 680G

Sitz Upward 9873

Sitz Epponia 223C

Sitz Epponia 31Z

KM Broken Bow 002

Spring Cove Reno 4021

Spring Cove Liza 021

HA Erica Lassie 8431

HA Thick 1670

HA Erica Lassie 4568

HA Erica Lassie 7558

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