Lot #35

HT Rawhide 1232

Registration #: 20069300 | Birth Date: 04/12/21

HT Rawhide 1232 is a son of Poss Maverick, a son of Basin Payweight 1682. He is a moderate bull, but still has the HT-desired phenotype, thick, deep-ribbed and muscled. He is CAB qualified and his DMI, Angle, HP, Marb, $M, $G, $B and $C EPDs rank in the top 20% of the breed. His actual PAP is 42.

Basin Payweight 1682

Poss Maverick

Poss Pride 5163

Poss Rawhide

Poss Easy Impact 0119

Poss Blueblood 6502

Poss Blueblood 920

G A R Grid Maker

S A V Bismarck 5682

S A V Abigale 0451

HA Coudly Girl 1952

HA Program 5652

HA Coudly Girl 9463

HA Coudly Girl 6625

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