Lot #27

HT Profound 1145

Registration #: 20067449 | Birth Date: 03/28/21

HT Profound 1145 is a son of Sitz Profound 680G and a daughter of Musgrave Aviator. He has strong growth EPDs, is docile and good footed. His WW, HP and $W EPD ranks in the top 15% of the breed.

Mohnen Substantial 272

Sitz Stellar 726D

SITZ Pride 200B

SITZ Profound 680G

Sitz Upward 9873

Sitz Epponia 223C

Sitz Epponia 31Z

Koupals B&B Identity

Musgrave Aviator

MCATL Forever Lady 1429-138

HA Pamela 8316

Basin Payweight 1682

HA Pamela 6457

HA Pamela 8410

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