Lot #22

HT Cow Man 1090

Registration #: 20057930 | Birth Date: 03/19/21

HT Cow Man 1090 is another excellent heifer bull. He combines a low birth weight of 59 lbs. with CED of 18, BW EPD of -4.6 and an 11 CEM. Both is Claw and Angle rank in the top 1% of the breed as does his Doc and $M. His SC, Milk, $EN and $W EPDs rank him in the top 20% of the Angus breed. On top of that he is as docile as they come. His actual PAP is 36.

Basin Payweight 006S

Basin Payweight 1682

21AR O Lass 7017

HA Cow Man 7939

Sitz Upward 307R

HA Blackcap Lady 1602

HA Blackcap Lady 5515

Geis Baloo 13’08

KG High Regard 2073

KG Miss Wix 0680

HA Blackcap Lady 7926

CAR Efficient 534

HA Blackcap Lady 1510

HA 9038 Blackcap Lady 9352

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