Lot #19

HT Cow Man 1178

Registration #: +20067454 | Birth Date: 04/04/21

HT Cow Man 1178 is an ET and awsome heifer bull. He is the son of HA Cow Man 7939 and HA Blackcap 0590, a prolific donor cow purchased from Hinman Angus. His BW was 79 lbs, his 20% CED 10% BW EPD, and a 10% CEM. He ranks in the top 10% of the breed for BW, SC, PAP, CEM and Milk. His actual PAP is 44.

Basin Payweight 006S

Basin Payweight 1682

21AR O Lass 7017

HA Cow Man 7939

Sitz Upward 307R

HA Blackcap Lady 1602

HA Blackcap Lady 5515

N Bar Prime Time D806

Gardens Prime Star

Green Garden Jilt C242 S1

HA Blackcap Lady 0590

R R Black Label 4560

HA Blackcap Lady 3833

H A Rito Blackcap 9038

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