Lot #12

HT Outside Two 1197

Registration #: +20067458 | Birth Date: 04/07/21

HT Outside Two 1197 is a deep, thick, powerful bull with strong growth potential and good maternal. His CED, WW, YW, CEM, Milk, and CW EPDs rank in the top 20% of the breed and his $W in the top 4%.

MOGCK Sure Shot

KG Solution 0018

KG Rito Lady 8724

HA Outside Two 7891

S A V Bismarck 5682

HA Ever Lady 1575

HA Ever Lady 8066

Connealy Consensus 7229

Connealy Comrade 1385

Happy Gee of Conanga 919

Montana Rita C065

G A R Grid Maker

Riverbend Rita W1223

SBP Rita 4082

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