Herd Bulls

Over the past five years we have assembled a group of herd bulls that reflects our focus and whose genetic make-up is consistent with our program objectives.  Our herd bulls combine excellent phenotypes with good feet, docility and, where old enough, low actual PAP scores. Click each bull to view.

Our bulls

Sitz profound 680G

REG #: 19392993

Profound, combines a thick, deep and muscled moderate-frame sized with good feet and docility. He is a son of Sitz Stellar 726D, and the top selling bull in the 2020 Sitz Angus Bull Sale.  His calves carry Profound’s look, feet and have lots of vigor and eye-appeal.  His PAP score, taken in 2021 at two and a half years of age after two months breeding at elevations between 6000 to a little under 7500 feet was a 37.

HA Cow Man 7939

REG #: 19151453

Cow Man, is a terrific commercial breeder’s bull acquired tied as the second highest selling bull in 2019 from Hinman Angus at $25,000.  The son of Basin Payweight 1682 and HA Blackcap Lady 1602, the dam of HA Cowboy Up 5405, Cowman has a very strong pedigree on both sides.  He is a proven strong maternal heifer bull that consistently produces thick, moderate-framed and docile calves with excellent feet. His actual PAP Score is 35 and in 2021, nearly 75% of his 18 month old sons and 85% of his similarly aged daughters had a PAP scores equal to or below 44.

HA Scale Boss H677

REG #: 19874859

Scale Boss is a big, strong, well-muscled bull.  He was purchased as HA Scale Crusher H677 and was the top selling bull at the Hinman Angus in 2021 sale. Scale Boss is a son of Marcys Angus Scale Crusher who recently deceased. The bull spent last summer breeding at elevations between 6,000 and  a little under 7500. He had a PAP score of 35 at 18 months of age.  His first crop of calves is running around the ranch now. They look great, have lots of vigor, are docile and generally are very impressive.  

HA Capitalist 9863

REG #: 19881831

Capitalist 9863 is a bull with tremendous eye-appeal, a very deep, thick, and moderate-framed bull with a great disposition. He also spent his first summer chasing cows at elevations between 6,000 and a little under 7500, and thereafter had his PAP taken in the fall of 2021 at 33.

HA Outside Two 7891

REG #: 18918582

Two, is also a prolific breeding bull, producing offspring that are a commercial breeder’s dream – good sized calves with a lot of grow and maternal.  Two is son of KG Solution 0018 and HA Ever Lady 1575 and at $90,000 was the top selling bull in the 2018 Hinman Sale. Two’s actual PAP score is 32 and in 2021 nearly 90% of his daughters and half his sons had PAP scores equal to or below 44.

New to the herd

Hollow Top has three new herd bull prospects that will be turned out on the mountain this summer with our heifers and cows. All three are well proportioned moderate-framed bulls that we expect to sire our next set of heifers and cows.

Circle L Stunner H69

REG #: 20075399

Stunner is a near phenotypically perfect bull.  A son of Musgrave 316 Stunner, he combines a moderate frame with docility. Stunner has an actual pap score of 37.

Circle L Highmark 49J

REG #: 20070516

Highmark is an eye-catching bull acquired in the 2022 Circle L sale.  Highmark couples phenotype with good growth potential, docility and good feet. Highmark has an actual PAP score of 37.

HA Grid Iron J894

REG #: 20177421

Grid Iron is a very exciting prospect purchased from Hinman Angus in 2022.  He is sired by TEX Playbook 5437, a popular son of Basin Payweight 1682, and HA Lass 3303, one of our best young donors.  Grid Iron’s moderate but muscular phenotype and -2.56 PAP EPD makes him ideal for our program. Grid Iron will be PAP tested in August but, his -2.56 PAP (1% tile) suggests his actual pap will be good.

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