About Us

The Hollow Top Angus is a family owned seedstock Black Angus operation, nestled at the base of the Tobacco Root Mountain range near Pony, Montana. The ranch is a dream come true to owners, Porter Bennett and Carolyn Quan, who first began raising registered Angus in 2012.

Our Animals are

docile, PAP-tested, have good-feet, and strong balanced EPD profiles.

Our Program

Our program aims at providing for the key needs of commercial breeders.  Accordingly, we focus on breeding moderate-framed bulls and heifers that first and foremost breed regularly and aggressively in rough terrain.  We also want them to have strong growth profiles with excellent feet and docility. All bulls and heifers are PAP tested in the fall.

We raise our bulls and heifers here on the ranch.  The young calves spend their initial summer ranging over several thousand acres of rugged, mountainous terrain ranging in elevation from about 6,000 ft to a little under 7,500 feet. The young calves feed off their mothers and have access to abundant nutritious mountain grass.  Once weaned, the heifers continue grazing on the lower reaches of the ranch until breed-up, after which they head up high once again. 

After weaning, the top 50% or so of the bull calves are moved to our onsite development center where they receive a moderate diet of a developmental pellet and grass until about 16 months of age.  By late August, their feet and legs are assumed to be mature enough to handle a more aggressive feed program which they get until our fall sale and they leave the ranch. 

Our Approach

  • Aggressively manage our herd to maximize high-performing animals through disciplined culling of weak performers


  • Emphasize strong dam lines including foundation cows from the legendary Sitz and Hinman Ranches


  • Run our stock on diverse terrain and forage, from valley floor to timberline.


  • Honor ranching tradition and respect for the animals and land by minimizing the use of motorized vehicles


  • Strive to combine the latest technology with the soundest principles of performance testing

Our Story

Hollow Top Angus began raising registered Angus in 2012 by purchasing a group of registered cows from our neighbor, Sitz Angus, and bulls from Spruce Mountain Angus in Colorado.  In 2017 they bought an additional set of cows from Hinman Angus in Malta, MT. The Sitz and Hinman female purchases kick-started the development of a uniform, strong maternal, and growth-oriented cows.  

Porter Bennett and his wife Carolyn Quan live on and operate the ranch.  Porter is a Colorado native with a strong affinity and appreciation for the West with its varied ranching traditions.  He retired from a successful career developing commodity-focused data and analytics companies and uses the same approach to analyze and improve the performance of our cattle genetics. His wife, Carolyn Quan, a Western artist, shares Porter’s love of the region, and is inspired by the beauty of the landscape, strong sense of community, rural values and a life-long love of horses.

Porter and Carolyn’s children, Kelly and Meghan, also participate in the business. Kelly runs B3 Insight, the family’s water resources data and analytics company in Denver, Colorado. He is passionate about conserving Western landscapes and communities, and challenges the operation to think outside of the box when it comes to being good stewards of the land and environment and supporting communities around working lands. Meghan, who resides in Bozeman, recently left a successful career in the global natural gas market to join the family operation to support the ranch’s financial and management performance.  It is a priority of the entire family to find innovative ways to apply data and technology to improve the productivity of the land, to manage employees, and to make the Hollow Top Angus herd and operations as transparent as possible.

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by The Herd Report - Hosted by (Scott Beck) - Porter Bennett (Owner) - Clay Clarke (Ranch Manager)

Ranch Management

Ranch Manager

Clay Clarke

Ranch Manager Clay Clarke and his family brings many years of experience running cattle on several large commercial operations in the state.  Clay and his wife Jessie grew up on family ranches and live on the property with their young family, cowgirl Addie and cowboy Eli.  The Clarkes are passionate about the western lifestyle and enjoy incorporating traditional Cowboy aspects into daily operations.

Justin Scott

A fourth generation Montana farmer and rancher, focuses on the agricultural aspects of the operation with a focus on improving the soil health and productive capacity of the property. Justin’s wife, Rikell, and their three children, Tessa, Emily and Dawson also live on the ranch and are active in 4H Livestock and Horse programs.